Let's give the miniset a try to see if hearthstone will be fun again for a couple of days

Twitter feed video.Let's give the miniset a try to see if hearthstone will be fun again for a couple of days

🏴‍☠️Yo 🏴‍☠️ Ho🏴‍☠️ Ho!

Deadmine's Mini-Set lands ashore today!

Das eigentlichen Release wurde etwas verpennt, deshalb es noch keine offizielle Ankündigung gab.
Aber nach einer langen Wartezeit und viel Arbeit habe ich endlich die Highlights meines 3. Jahres auf Twitch veröffentlicht!
Viel Spaß! :D

Luck wasn’t on the side of @Bakura1994 for the @GoatFormatYGO world championship last weekend but he got the chance to give some inside about his deck and strategy.

Give this article a read to learn more about his Drain Zombie deck and thoughts behind it https://www.goatformat.com/home/goat-format-world-championship-2021-deck-tech-zombie

Lets recap todays @aDrive_tK #shinyleague
Starting saying that aDrive is the homie and has nothing to do with any of the TOs decisions.

We joined the tourney under the name "LionZ" instead of Red Shell Gaming or OnlyBruvs Tier 3 subs. Bcuz of my team @LionZch

We proudly announce @Bakura1994 as our representation for the upcoming @GoatFormatYGO World Championship 2021. Start is tomorrow 6 pm CEST, best of luck. 🦁🤞#GoLionZ

He qualified by winning a qualifier, more information about Bakura1994 in the player card down below ⬇️🥳

Today I gave my one month notice for leaving my beloved team @LionZch. It was an amazing journey and I couldn't be more grateful to them. I made some amazing friends and I'll miss all my teammates, especially my good friends @Zanananan and @DenimBlue7_hs (1)

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