Offline events are deeply missed, but in these times we love to go back to memories our players have made. Such as this very exciting match from our new player @Karpador64. An ending no one was able to predict. 🀯🦁 #SuperSmashBrosUltimate #SSBU

Missed the Post Plant Podcast with @ArmipotentCS @MarkToner7 and @AyGiraffe?? Don't worry episode 5 is still available and as exciting as ever. 🎀
#DOTHEROAR🦁#CSGO #PostPlantPodcast @LionZch


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Hearthstone can be random sometimes. But what about random x300? Find out in the new @Zanananan video!🦁#ForgedInTheBarrens #Hearthstone

πŸ“’ Tomorrow, we're planning to release the 20.0.2 patch which includes bug fixes and balance changes for Standard, Battlegrounds, Duels, and more!

βš™οΈ Details:

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