🔥4C1V (@LionZch )🔥 Se lleva la victoria esta semana 👏🏿

🏆EGL ApX Copa Gears 5v5 (Escalada)🏆

⚙️Felicitaciones / ⚙️Parabéns

🥇Violent HTr

Took this mess of a deck to EU Masters + Top 100 (Temporary).
Been very bored with the meta & just trying to do some fun to play decks.
Not made to be optimized, change whatever :d


Scored 12 - 3 tonight and climbed to Top 300 today with Soul DH, Ooze feels great in this deck facing all the warriors and rogues, also great vs turtle mage xD thanks @AilenaxHS for the raid again :3

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