GOTTEM! Place 17 out of 570 players earns you nice prices. 😜
Congratulations to Jan Becker who is representing us in the Digimon card game 💪🦁 #GoLionZ

Don’t forget to participate in our 500€ Sunday Rush Tourney in #PokemonUnite tommorow sponsored by @RUSHGGDACH

The tourney will be also be broadcasted on my channel with @xBlaineHS tommorow. #ad

Day three at games faire Essen just begun! Best of luck for all of the duals you’ll fight and all of the packs you’ll open. 🍀🦁🤞
@Bakura1994 looks good in black and blue though.😝

A few impressions from yesterday’s start of the games faire in Essen!
Looks like @Bakura1994 and the boys had a lot of fun playing AND shopping.

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Today marks the start of the international games fair in Essen, Germany! We’ve sent @Bakura1994 and two other TCG players as our representation. They will share their impressions and experiences through our different social media channels. 📸🎥📺

Awesome content will follow 🦁🧡

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